Do you need a professional website for your small business?

Yes, you do, and here is why.
A survey-based study suggests that 84% of the consumers today think your business is more credible when you have a professional website in place.
You need a professional web development firm to design you a lead-catching, brand-distinguishing, sales-boosting website if your business is small and you want to grow.
In the time of fierce competitiveness, you need to create a brand to remain relevant. A small business will need to harp on digital content marketing strategies to create a brand that resonates in the minds of your buyers.
To spruce up your small business, a killer website where innovative technology meets superior design helps. A meticulously designed professional website is an asset that continually churns out customer footfalls while turning them into leads.

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Professional Website

Look at the top 5 reasons that compel you to have a professional website to add wings to your business

  1. Professional Website Design Creates Credible Brands

The world-wide-web, commonly known as the internet, is the new disruption and as a business owner, you must make the most out of it. The digital transformation has introduced internet to trade online faster and instantly.
Your website on the internet is a showcase and digital storefront of your products and services. You can back it up with the certificates, awards, positive feedback and appreciations, voice of your customers to create a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors.
Your professional website is your personalized address, which enables you to conduct business uniquely than just being there. You need to tell your customers how they can reach out to you.
You need to be there because, in 2019, 97 percent of American consumers go online to find businesses, products, and services. They feel that online purchases are cheaper, less time consuming, and offers a wide range of choices than the brick and mortar local outlets.
Your website will create a brand for you in the long-term. If you are an owner of website that manifests unattractive design, customers will move away from your website. People are more inclined to do business on a professionally designed website because the consumers find those websites more credible as compared to the poorly designed websites.
Do not resist your website development even if you are not tech-savvy, or think it is too expensive and complex task, or you have enough business.
The present-day customer expects you to have a website and a customer service, the two crucial factors for you to be a credible business establishment. If you are present only on social media handles and do not operate a full-fledged website, you will not get enough leads.
The design of your website must not look dodgy. Your website must appear to be impressive and reputable for customers to trust you.
75% of customers judge your credibility based on your website design after coming on your website for the first time. The first-time experience is pretty much the deciding factor whether they want to return to your website or go to your competitor’s website.
Your website also acts as social proof. 99% of consumers’ buying decisions have been influenced by the social reviews.

  1. Keep Tabs on Webpage Bounce Rate to Grow Business

Light up your website with spectacular design and seamless technological enhancements that glues your visitors. Every small business needs to get leads for their business to grow. A website is a great way to capture leads at a very low cost if your website is promoted well.
A well designed website will keep the visitors on your website for a longer period and not let them visit your competitors’ website.
A low bounce rate between 26%-40% is good which means only a meagre 26 to 40 percent of visitors are leaving after visiting your website. For anything more than that, you need to review the design or the technical aspects of your website.
81% of consumers research a business prior to making the purchase. Your website must take all measures to make the search experience seamless and pleasurable for your consumers and help them take the next action in your favor.
Your website must be up and running 24x7x365 and be always-on to advocate your business, to work around the clock, even outside business hours. After hours are seen to be when people get online to do purchases. One bad experience and you will lose the lead forever.
Hence, the technical team working for you is the key to keep the website always up and running to produce leads. A website always accessible provides the convenience of reviewing or researching your products as needed, unlike the store which is closed outside the business hours.
You may launch offers which are often time-bound. This is another reason why you want your website always-on.

  1. Design Impactful Contents for Promotion of Products & Services

Leveraging your website for content promotion gets your business notch up more business. It helps you get on to high pedestal to be heard loud and clear, making your presence felt and stands out in the crowd.
Impactful contents online make your website and business more attractive for visitors return.
Your content is the face of your products and services. Your website content must reflect the true character of your products and services that you intend to sell. Design your content tactfully and skilfully.
Add variety to your content and prevent it from becoming stale. Spruce up the User Experience (UX) by adding newer technologies. Make sure your website is easily understood and navigable. Keep reinventing the website design to keep it upbeat and pepped up.
The cost of content-driven promotion of products and services is much less than print or media advertisement cost. Make all efforts and spend more to rope in a wider customer base by promoting contents on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms.
Promoting your website is crucial for your business to thrive. Spend on Google Ad words, online advertisements, and design promotional campaigns to establish a wider reach, which, in turn, will organically promote your products and services on internet.
With the help of your website, you can keep your customer informed. Your website is an effective way to introduce new schemes and offers, letting them know about new product launches, etc. You need to make the most out of it.
A professionally designed website is always target-oriented which spots the right leads for your products and services and do not let your investments go waste.
A Website designed to reach out to a wider audience will reach every corner of the country. A professionally designed website gets you customers from around the world. You are empowered to showcase your products and services, regardless of nationality, to global consumers. If you have access to the logistics to deliver internationally then there is no stopping for your business.


Top 5 reasons of having a professional website for your small business


  1. Website Design that Captivates & Technology that Fascinates

A crucial aspect of website development is designing of the landing page.  A landing page is the gateway to promote and sell your products and services. The landing page is the first impression and it can make or break the visitor’s choice to move further and deeper into your website. The landing page is the key differentiator from your competition.
Devise a design that charms the visitors and deploy a technology that works silently but never perceivable.
For instance, while professional website and its contents encourage the next call to action for customers to contact you on your email address, adding a technical feature like ‘Google Map’ empowers customers to find you.
World-class design and technology help you to stay in control of your brand. You are the owner of the content on the website and you can change the design of the website to promote certain products based on market dynamics of demand and supply.
You can be instrumental in changing consumer behavior by changing website design and technology and stay in control.
Investing in designing your website will help save money in the long-term. If you think a professional website is costly and you cannot afford it now, start small. A professional website is worth the investment and the benefits are more than you can envisage.
The cost is less than the traditional means of advertising, such as newspaper ads, radio and TV commercials. The cost is even lower than that of the networking events for promotion.
The upkeep cost that you would need from time to time is lower than the traditional marketing cost.
With great design and technology, you are in control of your website narrative. Your competitors already have a website. It depends on how professionally designed your website is, will make the difference.
Technology is a discerning factor to offer a top class user experience. One glitch during the navigation will take the leads miles away from your website and you will never see the lead again.
Your selection on design and technology is critical and you must spend enough time planning it before implementing on your website.

  1. Key Benefits of a Strategically Designed & Professional Website

Unless you are not interested to grow your small, sooner or later you will hire a professional for your web development needs. You can even develop your website as an ecommerce store selling products of other small businesses in addition to your own.
If you are early on catching up the trend, other small business owners, who do not have websites yet, will flock on your website to sell their products.
We have laid down the key benefits of having a professionally designed well-crafted technology-oriented website:

  • A professionally designed website makes your business look professional and trustworthy
  • You must apply search engine optimization (SEO) technics to promote your website to capture more footfalls and attract new customers online
  • Your website is your tool to showcase your products & services to reach a much wider customer base than just selling to local and regional consumers
  • Well-designed website will create a thumping impression and better if you can include reviews and testimonials from influencers on your website’s dedicated ‘Customer Review’ section
  • An email address strategically included in the design of your website will create a “call to action” for your visitors to get in touch with you.
  • Add features to help customers for a seamless ‘call to action’ experience. As a ‘call to action; you can add a Google map to locate the nearby community marketplace for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Promoting website ranking using SEO is an opportunity to cash in and also establishes your place in the industry.

Today, you can find a website for anything that you can humanly think of, from campaigns on crowdfunding to pet hamster fan pages, but 30-40% of small business owners are still reluctant or slow to get online.
If you do not have the resources now, you can start building it bit by bit. You may lack the idea of changing immediately, but look around; about 29% of small businesses have planned or designed websites in 2020. You are not too far behind.
A website will ensure a long-term presence and success if the design and technology are upgraded from time-to-time. There are businesses that started from brick and mortar offices, and now surviving and making money by transforming completely into an online business or a website.

Key Takeaway

Having a professional website is a strong case now. Creating your well-designed webpage for your business is not intimidating anymore. There are tools available online and digital companies ready to help you with the technology and technical know-how to create an effective and professionally designed website.

If you think building a website will cost you a fortune, there are cheaper options where digital companies will help with DIY techniques to build your website step by step. However, hiring a professional website developer and designer makes you look professional too. Preparing to pay less and compromising on the quality of your website will not get too far.